• Ideal for business, education, medical or even students classes virtually
  • Security features include integrated privacy shutter and video mute/unmute LED indicator
  • Complements Poly headsets, VVX desktop phones, USB and Bluetooth® speakerphones


Today, people work in a variety of spaces—from a desk, at home or in the office, a huddle room or on the go. Not any old camera will do. To experience cloud-based video meetings in a meaningful way, you need vivid color, clear detail and the ability to detect sometimes subtle, nonverbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions. When people can see each other, they feel more emotionally connected and engaged. This results in reduced meeting fatigue and enhanced decision-making abilities. Pairing between EagleEye Mini camera and a choice of market-leading, Poly headsets and Poly USB or Bluetooth speakerphones takes minutes. It is compatible and can be used with all leading cloud video solutions.

  •  Simple, fast installation with a single USB cable
  •  Flexible mounting options
  •  Simulcast video streams for the best video performance possible


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